cron.weekly newsletter

cron.weekly is a weekly newsletter for Linux sysadmins and open source users. It features the latest news, projects, tools & tutorials.

The newsletter is sent every Sunday to a highly technical audience.

Why advertise?

If you’re currently running AdSense or other advertisements, you know clickthrough and read-rates are terrible. AdBlockers cause your advertisements to be missed by 50-75% of your target audience. This is especially worse in the tech-industry.

Those AdBlockers don’t work in newsletters: we link based on textual links and paragraphs of texts, things an AdBlocker can’t detect and block.

If your link is included in the newsletter, you can be sure that everyone who opened it has read your message.

Some numbers:

  • 7.000+ subscribers
  • 2.500+ views on the web
  • 2.500+ Twitter followers @CronWeekly
  • 60% confirmed open rate (in reality this is probably 80-85% as the audience is tech-savvy enough to block the tracking images)

For targeted advertising, newsletters make a lot more sense than AdSense, DoubleClick, Facebook or Twitter.

Expected results

The mailing is sent weekly to several thousand users and a few thousand readers consume the content via RSS or the website (see above for actual numbers).

On average, expect around 100-800 clicks per newsletter. The better the link/message, the more it will appeal to the readers.

Even though a click is the best measurement, rest assured that everyone reading the newsletter will at least have read your title. To generate brand recognition, it’s vital your title is spot-on and contains your brand name.

Your link will also be tweeted by the @CronWeekly Twitter account.

Advertising fee

For a 2 week advertisement period, the fixed fee is 350eur.

Your link, title & paragraph of choice is added to either the news, tools or tutorials sections (you may pick whichever section suits your message best).

The advertisement is included in 2 issues, you may choose whether they are 2 consecutive issues or if you prefer to have a break in between.

How to start advertising?

If you give us the ‘go‘, we would need;

  • The title of your advertisement
  • The link where it points to (can include Google Analytics UTM query parameters)
  • The paragraph text below the title

If you’re curious how it looks, previous advertisements for Papertrail (issue #35) and Datadog (issue #52) can give a good idea.

The format is like this:

Datadog: Cloud Monitoring as a Service

With Datadog, you can see all your data in one place. See Amazon stats on your servers, as well as detailed numbers of your PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Node & other applications. Sign up for a free 14- day trial. (Sponsored)

Please keep the paragraph text to around 200 characters.

To get started, e-mail me at

What kind of advertising is allowed?

There isn’t much point in advertising something that the audience isn’t interested in. The best topics would be;

  • A (technical) SaaS app
  • Job openings
  • An e-book or paper book
  • Linux or open source courses & trainings
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Service consultancy

If you’re unsure if your product or service would be a good fit, get in touch and we’ll find out together. You can reach me at